The cutting-edge technologies that translate into to tangible benefits for a business using DreamApps are:

It is built on Java and XML, the truly multi-platform and fast growing technologies, freeing businesses from the tyrannies of proprietary platforms.
Common Application Platform uses low overhead multi- threaded servlets that communicate with the clients, databases and value-added services through industry standard, platform independent protocols, thereby making it highly scalable while remaining fully platform independent.
DREAM (Dynamic Resource Extended Application Management) allows automatic generation of applications from specifications, at runtime. This makes it possible to customize applications at every level without affecting the core code-base. It is therefore possible for service providers to offer customized industry-specific solutions, while business users as well as their associates, in turn, can customize features to fit their own needs.
Virtual Schema separates the physical database structure from the application database view, thereby allowing use of third party products to access data in a secure way.
Generic Page creates appropriate user interfaces for several devices like HTML browsers, Java browsers, Palm devices or WAP compliant phones.
Event Flow allows users to set predefined automatic responses to business events.
Smart Tree facilitates secured object transfer through firewalls using standard protocols.



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