HRM: Human Resource Management

DreamApps Human Resource Management module makes your life easy to manage all the necessary data you need about your employee. This module keeps track of personal data of each employee and derives various result and reports according your need. It also helps your payrolls be accurate and on time by spending lesser administrative time and cost to prepare.
Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Attach Picture and Signature of each employee is stored and tracked so that authentication is fully secured.
  • Store Personal Info of each employee as you must need in your employee management
  • Qualification Info of your employees
  • Work Experience Info
  • Performance Appraisal with different methods
  • ACR (Annual Confidential Report)
  • Employee wise Leave Allocation
  • On-line Leave Application according to leave policy
  • Leave Approval
  • Leave encashment
  • Increment History
  • Training History
Payroll Processing (PR)
  • Experience fewer scuffles with the various employee deductions and other special payroll situations
  • Have all sort of user defined payments & deductions
  • Pay scale wise salary structure
  • Provident Fund, Gratuity
  • Process the payroll every month quite easily just by a keystroke
  • Advances against salary or provident fund.
  • Have some sort of peace of mind, because payroll can be processed in the mould of ‘Trial run’ for as many times as required until you satisfy with the accuracy, so chance of paying more to any employee just becomes nil.
Attendance System (AT)
  • Automatic Data capturing from proximity device, finger print device or any kind of device into the DreamApps software.
  • Get also manual data input system
  • Working Day Fixing
  • Holiday Fixing
  • Get individual / shift wise Time In & Time Out system.
  • Get automatic Overtime calculation and relate with payroll system.
  • History of In & Out according to each employee.



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