POS: Point of Sale

DreamApps Point of Sale is a software application for retail sales management. This powerful POS software allows retailers to maintain absolute control over sales and inventory while presenting an easy customer checkout.
Why automate sales with DreamApps POS? Any good POS software can save you time, increase accuracy and control what happens at the sales counter. But most systems involve high prices, complex setup and big training requirements and of course unattended back office operation. DreamApps POS is the alternative that removes these barriers with an easy to use, affordable system that is fully integrated with Back office operation. It will enhance your operation, providing you with increased speed, accuracy and control of your inventory - all of which lead to increased profits and more time to focus on growing your business.
Cross Application
  • Company Information
  • General Setup
  • Customer Setup
  • Supplier Setup
  • Item Setup
Procurement Management
  • Requisition to Purchase, Requisition Approval
  • Product Purchase by Supplier
  • Purchase Return
  • Bar Code Preparation automatically or Manually
  • Supplier Payment and Status
Sales Management
  • Sales/Invoice Creation
  • Sales Return
  • Track gift certificates and outing deposits
  • Bar code scanning capabilities for labels, receipts
  • Membership cards for customer identification
  • Pole display option to show customer purchases and change due
  • Set up automatic discount levels for certain customers and customer types
  • Require notes to sell certain items
  • User definable receipt message to promote communication with every transaction
  • Automatically calculate change due
  • Built in “Awards Program” to reward customers for frequent purchases
  • Print credits balance and awards balance on all receipts
  • Print the cashier’s name on the receipt to help audit process
  • Track every transaction by cashier, time/date, machine and counter
  • Tracking Sold Product by Cash, Credit Card, Privilege Card, Gift Card, etc.
  • Damage/ Lost Item Entry
  • Analysis of daily Sales, purchase, damage, discount, VAT, Profit (Non-Account) etc.
Store/Inventory Management
  • Current Stock Information
  • Physical Stock Adjustment
  • Stock Reconciliation
  • Requisition to Purchase, Requisition Approval
  • Facility for product transfer one store to another
  • Facility to keep record for product recognition based on Slow/ Fast moving
  • Tracking Discontinued products and more
Accounts Management
  • Preparing Chart of Accounts (Control & Lager Accounts)
  • Voucher Entry, Posting
  • User defined fiscal year
  • Bank Information
  • Tracking of Bank Transaction
  • Tracking of Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable
  • Financial Year Closing
  • Journal, Ledger, Trial Balance, Trading, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet.
Security Management
  • User Group Creation, Deletion and Updating with change password, termination option
  • Individual User Creation, Deletion and Updating with change password & termination
  • Providing Permission Group and user basis
  • Providing Button Level Permission
Utilities and Facilities
  • Multi-user Access
  • Date Backup at user defined location
  • Data Restore System
  • Instant Logon / Logoff Facilities
  • Printer Setup
  • Search Engine
  • Calculator



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